About Us

About the Owners, the Round House and the Cabins

Patty Carr, now the innkeeper at Cave Hill, is a native Cincinnatian. Her husband, George, loved the beauty and rural atmosphere of Adams County, just 50 miles east of Cincinnati. In 1991 they bought a big field and surrounding woods on Cave Hill. The field is on a ridge with a great view of the Appalachian foothills. George and Patty spent many years enjoying the seasons at Cave Hill, mowing the fields and walking the woods.

Then in 2003 George and Patty bought the twelve sided building that was to become the Round House at Cave Hill. The building was framed in, had most of a roof and was covered in Tyvek torn and loose. There was no interior or exterior finish. George, who had retired from the practice of law, took several years and completely transformed it.

Over the next five years, he finished the roof, put windows in the cupola, added split cedar shakes to the outside, paneled the inside with Ponderosa Pine trimmed in red cedar, built the railing around the balcony and stairs out of South American Bulletwood and installed yellow pine floors. Lastly he hired a carpenter to add the front porch and the deck, and the shell of a building had become Cave Hill Round House.

While the Round House was under construction, George and Patty had bought an old cabin. David and Sara Wellington Dodge had built this cabin in the early 1970s. Sara planted daffodils in the woods and on a knoll in the adjoining field, Winter Aconite and Myrtle in the woods next to the knoll and Snowdrops in the woods near the pond below the cabin. They continue to bloom and bring pleasure every spring. The cabin had a magnificent stone fireplace and a beautiful oak floor, but needed a complete refurbishing. After the Round House was done, George replaced the deck, paneled the interior with White Pine, built a sleeping loft and a steep staircase to it, and installed white cedar shakes on the exterior. The exterior is modeled on a cabin George and Patty saw at Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. The interior is based on a Norwegian cabin. The cabin is named after Sara Wellington Dodge, who died in 2014.

George spent happy days each week mowing, clearing brush and trees, but sadly he passed away in 2017. Patty has kept his legacy and the land is glorious in all seasons. Even in winter, you can see the land clearly and the sweep of rock ledge – part of the limestone layer of the whole county. Winter also brings tracks of deer, foxes, turkey, and birds. Spring trillium are abundant, summer blesses you with lazy days among the prairie flowers and high sky looking to the Appalachian foothills, and fall is superb with views of changing colors and cooler weather, perfect for roasting marshmallows around the fire pits.